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We are fast as lightning


This Annapolis based band of kids ages 13-18 have been stirring up the music scene for the past 5 years. Their blend of cover songs spanning the decades along with some original music written by the band, continues to surprise and delight audiences of all ages. Playing Rams Head Live, Baltimore Soundstage and opening for Grammy Award winning rock band Soul Asylum at the 9:30 Club, have been just a few of the bands highlights so far. Fast As Lightning guitarist, Jackson Anderson, is an endorsed artist with Freestate Custom Guitars.

Lead Guitar/ Jackson Anderson

Drums/ Jack Peery

Lead Vocals/ Katie Hall

Bass/ Jacob Spitzer

Keyboard / Trystin Martin



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Everything Is Associated

by Fast As Lightning

Released April 27, 2017 “Everything Is Associated” is the second single written by Fast As Lightning. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. Check it out!

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