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Fast As Lightning is a rock band formed in August of 2014. Fast As Lightning wrote and recorded their first original song "Kat in the Hat" which was released on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon in March 2015 after an inspiring meeting with musician/ actor, Jared Leto. The band has played several local venues and events including Rams Head Live, Union Jack's, The Green Turtle and Mother's Peninsula Grille to name a few. In June of 2015, the band opened for Soul Asylum at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.

The band consists of Jackson Anderson, age 12 on lead guitar and vocals; Jacob Spitzer, age 11 on bass and guitar; Katie Hall, age 9 on lead vocals and bass; Jack Peery, age 14 on drums and Trystin Martin, age 14 on keyboards. Established musician, Ben Grant assists the band with rehearsals and continues to mentor the band members as their music careers blossom.

Photographer: Olivia Clark Photography

Venue: Ottobar   Baltimore, MD 2016



Jackson has been playing guitar since he was 7 years-old. He has been and continues to be taught by some of the best musicians in the Annapolis area including Ahren Buchheister, Jake Wilkerson, Mike McHenry, Tobias Russell and Ben Grant to name a few. Jackson loves playing computer games, reading comic books and watching the Food Network. He is pursuing acting in his free time and has done work for Zarbee's and The History Channel. Jackson enjoys attending concerts and Comic Cons. He has been lucky enough to meet Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars, Actor Sean Astin, Musician Jimi Davies and Grant Imahara of the T.V. Show Mythbusters. His future goals are to be a career musician, video game designer and achieve world domination.

JAck P.

Jack started playing the drums when he was 11 years- old at the Annapolis School of Rock.  When Jack is not drumming he enjoys playing football, reading, creating his own comics, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends and family.  He also enjoys cooking, ham and cheese omelets being his specialty.   Jack is also a devoted dog lover to his dog, Marley.  Jack's drum instructors have included Mike Kirby, Ben Grant and currently he is taught by Larry Rodbell. His career goal is to be a veterinarian when he’s not on a world tour with Fast as Lightning!

Katie H.

Katie has been singing since she was a toddler and received a toy microphone and guitar for Christmas.  Instead of singing her ABC’s, Katie started singing Beach Boys songs.  Katie found her true love for music when she discovered the hair bands of the 1980’s.  Her first concert was Joan Jett at the age of 5. Soon after she learned her first song on guitar, Smoke on the Water, which she played for her kindergarten class.  At the age of 7, Katie decided to take on learning bass also.  Katie loves playing with her dog, Butter and her two sisters.   She enjoys going to the beach, karate, roller-coasters and hanging out with her band mates.  She hopes to one day be like her idol, Gwen Stefani, and rock out at stadiums all over the world.

JAcob S.


Jacob Spitzer, bassist and guitarist for Fast as Lightning, is passionate about music, soccer and travel. He plays soccer for a competitive travel team and Futsal in the winter. He plays viola for his school orchestra and enjoys all types of music outside of rock, from classical, to bluegrass, to pop music and hip hop. He enjoys songwriting, reading, and writing stories. Jacob also has a love for running, and is training for his first 10k. He has traveled to multiple countries around the world and through most of the states in the U.S. He looks forward to putting more pins in the map with his family and, hopefully, on tour with Fast as Lightning. 

Trystin M.

Trystin began his music career in Monterey, California as a percussionist in the 4th Grade band.   He intently focused on Piano while studying with Stu Heydon until he moved to Maryland at age 11.  He studies classical piano with Tatiana Matvejeva, keyboard with Tobias Russell, and percussion with Larry Rodbell.   Trystin loves participating in his school concert band and was select as an all-county percussionist.  His favorite musicians are Pink Floyd and Queen.  When not listening to or playing music, he enjoys board games, video games, reading, attending Cubs baseball games, and hanging out with his friends and family.  Trystin wishes to pursue a science and engineering career (he won the school science fair) and has begun learning basic computer programming.